Ways To Honor Your Lost Pet

Ways To Honor Your Lost Pet

The death of a loved pet can be a very traumatic and difficult time for the entire family. Often, when the pet has lived with the family for many years, it is no easier to deal with than when a member of the family has died. This is why it is so important for families to memorialize their loved pet in much the same way they would their own loved one. Doing so will help the entire family find closure and peace, and to come to terms with the loss - knowing that the memories of that pet will live on.

Have a Portrait Done

There are few more meaningful and heartfelt ways to memorialize the nature and character of your pet than having a painted portrait made of them. Pet portraits can be especially meaningful after such a loss because there is no clearer reflection of what a pet meant to a family than a picture can display. A pet portrait is a statement that this animal was not just "another pet", but that it was a very loved and cherished member of the family who will be greatly missed.

You can find the best style of pet portraits from Nikky Hughes of Los Angeles. The great thing about these pet portraits is that they can be done from a photograph - so it is possible to purchase artwork like this from skilled artists like Nikky regardless of distance.

Nikky was classically trained at the Mission Renaissance art school. Her art is soft and romantic - with a dreamy quality to them. They are lifelike and impressive representations of everything that makes a pet beautiful in the eyes of its owner. The aspect of her paintings that truly make Nikky's art stand out from the crowd is the setting in which she places the animals. The surroundings are sometimes whimsical, other times wonderfully surreal, but always intriguing. Nikky's art represents the work of a rising artist, so purchasing one of these portraits would be an excellent investment, and a wonderful addition to your home dicor.

Buy a Memorial For Your Pet

One of the simplest memorials, yet also the one that is most overlooked when burying a pet, is the stone memorial or marker. When going through the experience of burying a lost pet - even the process alone can be disturbing. A memorial provides family members a sense of peace and closure in the process. A stone marker over the spot provides a way for pet owners to allow a lasting memory to remain - with a statement on the stone that reflects the pet's the personality and character.

Websites such as apetmemorial.com sell beautiful stone markers where names and words can be engraved in a stone to create lasting memorials for your pet.

Wear a Memory Pendant

One way to keep your pet very close to your heart is to literally keep their memory close to your heart. Pet "remembering" pendants, such as those at gghavens.com are growing in popularity. These beautiful pendants offer pet owners a very simple, yet meaningful, way to wear something that exemplifies the memory and love between owner and pet. Every time you feel the pendant against your neck - it will remind you of the undying love between you and your pet.

Wearing a pet memorial pendant is one of the most meaningful ways to keep the spirit of a lost pet alive. The pendant will become a subtle yet constant reminder of the memories shared between you and your pet.

Nomination for the Pet Hall of Honor

One of the most unique ways to memorialize your pet is to establish them in the National Pet Hall of Honor. Membership in the Hall of Honor includes:

A framed induction certificate

An individual web page with pet photos & stories

Access to other pet photos & stories

The National Pet Hall of Honor is one way that you can not only keep your pet's memories alive, but to also encourage pet lovers around the world to memorialize their lost pets, and to take part in a collective appreciation for the value and love that pets bring into our everyday lives.

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